‘Ephemeral’ Solo Show

October 17th saw the launch of Ephemeral, the first solo show by SNIK. The immersive show examined processes of beauty, creation and decay – considering the inevitability of ageing, and its potential for artistic renewal. At the Crypt gallery, SNIK presented their works in a decaying environment through which viewers must navigate: a backdrop of flowers, themselves in varying stages of decomposition.

Set across three underground spaces, the first room presented vibrant multi-layer portraits executed through richly textured stencils, shown alongside installation images of SNIK’s high-profile international mural paintings. This is followed by a middle section progressing towards more muted single-layer figurative works, created across rusted and beaten panels of metal, as well as sculptures rendered in bronze. Reflecting the gradual ageing processes inflicted by outdoor elements, these works focus on the body and decay.

The final room presented lightbox stencil projections bringing together motifs from some of SNIKs most recognisable street works. Providing the room’s only light source, the black and white works appear ghostly in their surroundings. Representing both the bare bones of complete loss, whilst nodding towards the possibility of regeneration (themselves a recreation of SNIK’s previous works lost to time), the final sections ultimately asks the viewer to ‘hope in new works appearing out of the ashes and rubble of the past’.

“We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that came and showed their support. The show was a result of over twelve months of hard work and long nights, and to finally see it all on display the way we envisaged was a dream come true. We have finally managed to take the time to reflect on what was an incredible experience, only made possible thanks to the people around us. Onto the next one!” – SNIK