‘Art 4 Dogs’ The Animal Helpline Charity Auction

Sunday 29th November – Sunday 6th December

In times of national economic crisis, charities often find themselves woefully and suddenly underfunded, while still attempting to provide consistent levels of care and support. Animal Helpline is just such an organisation: the volunteer run charity has worked in Wansford, Peterborough for 30 years, saving dogs from UK pounds to prevent them from being put down.

As a response, SNIK is proud to announce an online charity auction for Animal Helpline, giving those pledging their help a chance to win artwork from some of the urban contemporary art world’s most coveted names.  

Our last effort in 2016 secured enough money to build brand new kennels, and this time we hope to bring in even more funds, making a notably bigger difference to the charity and the dogs they look after.

The winter months are a particularly difficult time for the charity, when volunteers give up their Christmas holidays to continue to care for the animals that call the shelter home. All items will be live on Sunday the 29th of November until Sunday the 6th of December, and will be available via this link.

Innumerable cynics have suggested that ‘art has gone to the dogs’. We think the money from it should too, and raising funds for a charity that has never put down an animal is something that will brighten a gloomy December for all of us. Help us if you can, and spread the word!

Donating Artists & Artwork:

Donated Artwork – ‘Dog Number 9’

Chaz Barrisson and Bob Gibson make up the art collaboration known as The London Police. Birthed from a trip to Amsterdam after being unimpressed by the lack of visual aesthetic found in the streets of ‘the drug capital of the world’. Their illustrious and elaborative street art can be found in streets across the world. Famous for their lovable & iconic ‘Lads’ characters which have been seen on streets all over the world. While one artist’s skill at drawing a circle freehand is staggering, no compasses, guides or masks are used.

The two were involved among a small group of artists and at the end of the last century, that eventually became the drive behind a new street art movement. Since then, the group have been travelling and spreading their art while at the same time, mixing with other enthusiasts, the works of the The London Police’s gained attraction among others in the street art community.

Donated Artwork – ‘Sailing Boat’ and Snik colab ‘Going Going Gone’

Martin Whatson (b.1984) is a Norwegian street artist best known for his calligraphic scribbles in grayscale voids. Over the past decade, Martin has developed an unmistakable aesthetic combining abstract movement with figurative stencilled compositions. His works can be seen to mirror the rise and fall of the streets, as he symbolically recreates the urban environment, then vandalises it to reveal his vibrant transformations.

Growing up in Oslo Norway, Martin was an active part of the emerging graffiti scene of the early 90’s which at the time maintained zero tolerance. The physical architecture of the city was a constant inspiration, the elaboration and destruction of each generation contributing to the urban infrastructure. The same deconstructive processes can be seen in his creative influences of Jose Parla and Cy Twombly. In the early 2000s, this interest in layers became more literal with the introduction of stencils into his work. The evolution moved him closer to a simple yet effective aesthetic he believed could bridge the gap between the passion and spontaneity Graffiti held for him, with the fragility and transience of nature. This balance would come to define his creative approach.

Donated Artwork – ‘Cold Tenderness’ & ‘Transcend’

For over a decade Snik have been working across the globe, perfecting their skills to become one of the most progressive artists of their kind.

As stencil artists, SNIK are traditionalists. Where others have moved on to the digital techniques, using laser cutting and computers to support their work, SNIK have remained true to the origins of their craft. They still painstakingly hand cut their complex multi-layered stencils. This commitment to the heritage of their discipline and the sophistication of their work sets them apart from their peers. 

SNIK’s bold aesthetic is characterized by frozen scenes of dynamic action. Their work focuses on the ordinary, such as tangled strands of hair or the folds and textures of fabrics. These subtle aspects are elevated to hint to a deeper meaning. A meaning that remains elusive, for the viewer to draw their own meaning from.

Donated Artwork – ‘Sonyeo’

Fin DAC is a self-taught, non-conformist urban artist who has defined and perfected an atypical spray paint style he has dubbed Urban Aesthetics.

Hailing from Cork city (Ireland), he has paved a singular path through the global urban art scene whilst keeping his gallery output deliberately minimal: preferring instead to let the streets be his exhibition space as he crisscrosses the globe on his self-funded, self-organised paint excursions.

His artistic influences stem from dark graphic novels all the way through to rebel artists such as Salvador Dali & Francis Bacon and classic illustrators such as Aubrey Beardsley. His vibrant renditions of Asian, ethnic or otherworldly females, with a mask/splash of colour around the eyes, now decorate walls, rooftops and forgotten urban landscapes on all 4 continents of the world.

Donated Artwork – ‘The Stitcher’

I grew up living above my parent’s restaurant, so when my Dad finished service I would join him in his studio to draw and paint. I can’t say that I enjoyed education too much, so when I realised that I could study art at University I pursued that and acquired a Fine Art Degree in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Between 2010 and 2019 I founded my starting point in contemporary arts. I maintain a fairly balanced combination of painting in the studio and painting murals in the public domain. My most recent love is for installation and 3D, I like to constantly learn new ways to create my work and love pushing my own boundaries.

My subject matter focuses on animals but always strives to find a way to engage the audience with a point of environmental reflection. My recent documentation of endangered species and raising awareness of environmental statistics has on occasion been associated with activism. I find this a bit daunting as I only see myself as an ‘artist’ but I definitely see the power in visual language and I’m enjoying utilising that via my paintings, murals and installations. I have recently started a new series of works about the farming industry, discussing the animals humans eat, and mono-farmed crops. Some times these issues also link back into extinction or biodiversity collapse, for example the Cavendish banana is almost extinct and will be the second mono-farmed species of banana to be so, the first being the Jon Michel.

Donated Artwork – ‘La Cage, je t’exiges et t’attends et t’espère’

Canadian Artist Sandra Chevrier, works from her Montreal based studio, is an illustrator, painter and street artist. By mixing watercolour paintings and comic book collage she creates hyper-realistic mixed-media portraits. Sandra produces work ranging over vastly fluctuating emotional enigmas and concepts that have set the standard of our modern communication, exposing the limitations of our world; our self-imposed expectations and the cages we have allowed to bar us from the fullness of life’s experience. With work demanding to be dissected beyond its surface value, Chevrier’s portraits are quite literally torn between the fantastical heroics and iconography of comic books and the harsher underlying tragedy of oppressed female identity and the exposed superficial illusion it conveys.

Donated Artwork – ‘We Go Together’

Hama Woods is a stencil artist, based in Oslo. Her work demonstrates a reverence for nature and its immediate connection to humanity.

In a search for methods to communicate the importance and revival of nature, Hama Woods stencils intuitively reflects and focuses on a sociological approach to greed and human consumption and its direct effect on our natural environment.

Her works are characterized by the use of hand cut, multi-layered stencils witch are applied by spray paint and gradually taking root in public and private spaces in and around Oslo. Her hope is to empower and challenge viewers to come to their own conclusions and to rethink the choices they make which effect today and tomorrow.

Donated Artwork – ‘Selbstläufer No. 15’

Berlin based artist, Tomislav Topic has been working as an artist for more than 15 years and has created a stylistically unique and unmistakable oeuvre over the course of his career. As a part of Quintessenz and as a solo artist he has been able to realise numerous installations in public spaces worldwide. 

Topic gained international recognition for his colourful, site-specific art installations. His framework for thinking about art is the reduction of the essence of art itself: colour and form. Colour and form are elevated to the sole and primary content of his art. His abstract works are the fundamental focus in which drive him towards these qualities as a way to realize universally understandable installations. These formal installations enable the viewer to experience colour truly and directly. The uplifting power of beauty and the logic of science enter into a symbiosis in Topic’s work. His work engages us in new environments with expanded senses and this working method allows us to appreciate life in a myriad of ways. In painting and installation, Topic understands how to resonate with worldwide human perception. With gestures of form and cross pollinations of colour he opens the doors to an internationally valid form of expression that unites people across cultures and varying demographics.  His art and installations have been shown in exhibitions all over the world and his practice is receiving increasing international recognition. 

Donated Artwork – ‘Equal’

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Aches started painting Graffiti aged 15. After graduating from NCAD with a degree in Design, Aches began to fuse his knowledge of Graphic Design with Graffiti.

Aches has been invited to design and create original artwork for many projects around the world, in countries such as Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland, England and USA.

After a decade of painting outdoors, Aches’ artistic practice is now shared in equal balance between contemporary murals and studio work.

Donated Artwork – ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’

Add Fuel is Portuguese visual artist Diogo Machado (b. 1980). Starting out under the full name Add Fuel to the Fire, he first created a dark yet exuberant visual universe populated by a cast of slimy, eccentric and joyful creatures, influenced by a variety of interests ranging from video games to comics, animation, sci-fi, designer toys, and urban visual culture. In 2008, fascinated with the aesthetic possibilities of symmetrical patterning and tessellations, he shortened his moniker to Add Fuel and began redirecting his focus towards working with and reinterpreting the language of traditional tile design, and that of the Portuguese tin-glazed ceramic azulejo in particular. Effortlessly blending these two seemingly irreconcilable visual idioms, his current practice seeks to combine traditional decorative elements with contemporary visual referents into new forms that reveal an impressive complexity and a masterful attention to detail.

Donated Artwork – ‘Dance like somebody is watching’

Fanakapan’s 3D creations of helium balloon-based subjects will stop you in your tracks, they allow him maximum opportunity to demonstrate his superb free hand skills, use of shadow & reflective highlights to make his works just pop off the surface!

What stands out most about Fanakapan’s work on the street is that beyond the immediate and overwhelmingly impressive aesthetic dynamic, the pieces also allude to larger messages & hint at more acute aspects of Fanakapan’s personality.

Fanakapan has been very busy painting in different locations around the world with his highly technical free hand style. He mastered this unique technique over the past years and is now a rising star of street art, leaving his hyper realistic foil balloon pieces for people to enjoy worldwide.

Donated Artwork – ‘Orbit’

James Bullough is an American born artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. His studio paintings, and huge monumentally scaled site-specific murals combine delicately handled realistic portraiture with harsh graphic distortion and abstraction. Inspired by the gritty urban graffiti he saw as a youth growing up in Washington, DC, Bullough harnessed it’s energy and edge while teaching himself more traditional realistic oil painting techniques by studying the Old Masters. Combining the momentum of the one and the technical precision of the other, his work is about staging compelling contrasts and juxtapositions. Wether working with spray paint on massive facades or oils in his studio, Bullough’s work strikes a delicate balance between realistic portraiture and stylized distortions, straddling the space between traditional and contemporary.

Donated Artwork – ‘Lost Identity’

Born in Poland in 1982. Today he is based in Manchester, UK. Originally came from graffiti scene today is known for stencil art, although he uses different techniques ranging from stencils, typography and traditional painting to freehand murals and fine woodwork.

His artwork embrace the diversity of women characters. His moody and dark female portraits evoke emotional complexity of woman showing fear, anger, nostalgia or self confidence.

Tankpetrol’s murals can be seen in countries including Iceland, Malaysia, Russia, France, Germany and Luxembourg. His canvases can be found in private collections around the world.

Donated Artwork – ‘Finding Freedom’ by Snik

Printing geeks, print house and online store, publisher of artisan prints for worldwide artists. Founded in 2012 by a few like-minded collectors, with the aim to supply today’s ever growing market. Working with some of the best Internationally acclaimed artists, Graffiti prints collaborates with these artists to produce top quality prints. Here you’ll find original art, one-off pieces, as well as high-quality print editions for sale.

Artwork Donated –  ‘Dirty Money – One Dollar’

Penny graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design and Central Saint Martins and quickly established himself within the urban art scene in London. He has since received global critical acclaim for his hand cut, extremely detailed stencil artwork.

Penny jokes that he used to be a neurosurgeon that now uses his talent with a scalpel to cut holes in paper, and it’s easy to see how this could be be true – the precision and detail in his artwork is requisite to that of skilled surgeon. He finds inspiration in everyday objects and often overlooked ephemera but money is the most prominent recurring theme in his work, which he regards as “representative of a sinister voyeur, an omnipresent force watching over its subjects”.

Through his choices of the objects he paints on and interacts with, as well as his techniques, he brings the subversive ideas behind street art to a different kind of public property: the type that can fit in your wallet.

Donated Artwork – ‘DOA’ by Nick Walker

Goldmark Atelier is a print studio and publisher situated on the edge of the beautiful market town of Uppingham in Rutland, UK. The studio consists of industry-leading master printer Ian Wilkinson, his wife and assistant Jan. We also have printer Callum and trainee printer Jack.
Ian has been printing for over 25 years and has worked with several major artists including Eduardo Paolozzi, Paula Rego and Elisabeth Frink.
Over the past decade artists from all over the world have come to make use of our facilities and we’re always there to guide them through the different techniques – be they in stone lithography, screen printing, etching or the most up-to-date digital printing. We even have a giant etching press which can print etchings up to 3 feet wide and 6 feet high, which we first used for the American artist Swoon when she flew over from New York to print with us.

Donated Artwork – ‘Glove x Golden Paper Crown’

Nuno Viegas, also known as Metis, is a Portuguese artist born in Faro and raised in Quarteira, where he now resides. Founder of the art collective Policromia Crew, started his artistic journey with graffiti in 1999.

Nuno presents us a contrast between the visually aggressive and sometimes dirty reality of traditional graffiti and its peaceful and clean representation in his works. The approach to this theme is a continuous tribute to all those who dedicate part of their lives to this scene. Graffiti Writers who keep it real and alive in a time where the definition of graffiti tends to get blurred and mixed with street art.

In 2016 Nuno worked with Street Art Today in Amsterdam which launched the artist in to the street art scene rapidly getting the attention of Urban Nation Berlin – Museum for Contemporary Urban Art. Along the following years the artist has been working with Yasha Young Projects, Graffiti Prints, Thinkspace Gallery and Nextstreet Gallery and we can now see his work expanding through walls and art venues all over the globe always aiming to improve and move towards his dream – to tag the moon.

Donated Artwork – ‘End Of The Line’ & ‘Gaffa Smiley Face’

The Dotmaster, a UK artist, started painting on the streets of Brighton in the early ’90s. He takes a sideways look at a populist media with a typically English sense of humour. His work is impeccably detailed – his half-tone work, stark black and white street pieces and unique, photo-real colour stencils all create street-based illusions that fool the eye.
Invited to take part in Banksy’s Waterloo ‘Cans Festival’ and featuring in the Oscar-nominated ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, The Dotmaster exhibits internationally.

A driving force behind the Nuart festival in Norway, he has collaborated with grass roots activists, luxury brands, Glastonbury festival, weirdos, developers and drop outs.

There is NO subculture ONLY subversion.

Donated Artwork – ‘Family’ by Adriana Oliver

Art Gallery and print publishers based in Norwich, England. Art heads supplying you with the freshest urban / contemporary art, limited edition prints and unique commissions. Working with artists such as; Adriana Oliver, César Piette.

Donated Artwork – ‘Eternal Paradise’

Michael Reeder was born in Dallas, Texas in 1982, where he grew up influenced by the local skate and street culture. Drawing and painting in traditional mediums from a young age, Reeder found himself drawn to the underground, unseen, yet very public form of painting graffiti. He later moved to New York City where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the School of Visual Arts. Post-college, Michael took a job with Eyecon Studios in Dallas, Texas and learned to paint large-scale, traditional murals. These experiences fused with his early graffiti influence formed and grew into his portraiture work today.

Donated Artwork – ‘What Your Soul Sings’ mini canvas by Snik

The Stonemasonry Company was founded in 2009 by partners Paul and Alex, who today manage our growing team from our workshop on the outskirts of Rutland.

We specialise in bespoke natural stonework projects, seeing them through from concept and design through to manufacture, installation and completion. We combine traditional stonemasonry skills and expert carving with modern design technology and innovative engineering to create the best pieces for our clients. We create the highest quality pre-tensioned, post-tensioned, and reinforced stone staircases, as well as traditional cantilever flights and unique load bearing stone.

As part of our commitment to the craft we are in constant search of new and challenging designs – this has helped us to become pioneers in the creation of some of the most innovative pre and post tensioned stone staircases in the world.