‘We Begin’ Nuart Aberdeen 2021

SNIK create We Begin a 5 x 5m mural for Nuart Aberdeen 20201. The piece is sister to Gone Believer, created in Stavanger, a Norwegian city twinned with Aberdeen, both pieces commissioned by Nuart art festivals.

We Begin was specifically commissioned as part of a series of artist residencies in the Granite City for Nuart Summer Aberdeen 2021, three days in the making in market square, union street, on a building marked for demolition within the next couple of months.

It’s particularly fitting for that specific work, as it first featured in SNIK’s show EPHEMERAL II, which, if you’ve been following our news lately, was built as a concept that no one would be able to attend.

It’s a strongly appropriate development, then, that Gone Believer has found its way into the public, while retaining a sense of fleeting existence – here today, gone in the not-too-distant future.

SNIK say: “The nature of street art is temporary anyway, things sometimes don’t even last a day. So for us, it’s not such a problem if it’s being knocked down. If anything, I quite like the transient nature of it – it comes and goes and you enjoy it when it’s there and that’s the beauty of it.

“We love the work that Nuart do for and with artists like ourselves, and it’s been a particular privilege to be involved after such a strange year.”